Merry Christmas...Let's Decorate

Sunday, December 20, 2015

After putting up my Christmas tree 3 weeks ago, I have FINALLY just gotten around to decorating it (yes I know I am late). I have officially finished school for the winter break and I thought seeing as I am now free it's time to "Christmasify" the flat. My theme this year, and every year for that matter is a Gold Rustic Look - I think it is just classic! A few candles, bows, baubles, and candy canes later I think I am finally getting in the Christmas spirit. Only thing left to do now is to over do it with candles in the bedroom. Anyway enough of me babbling, here are a few pictures to get you in the spirit of the holidays.

I hope you guys have a Fantastic Christmas and a Prosperous New Year when it comes. 

Jo xx

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