Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette Review

Sunday, July 12, 2015

I purchased this palette last month on the day it released, and as it was the first time I purchased a palette from Zoeva, I was a little apprehensive -  mainly because they are primarily known for their amazing brushes. Boy was I surprised! I really think they are underrated and should be featured by beauty bloggers a lot more. I was planning on buying a few transition and crease shades from Mac but forget about that one - I've struck gold here!

I took it for a test run and created a chocolatey smokey eye which I plan to wear to prom later in the week. I was uber proud of myself today as I was super chuffed with how it turned out - it's either the blending gods shun a light on me today or this palette has makeup powers haha. Either way I'm in love!! Only downside is that I can never get my pictures to show my face makeup as it looks in person grrrrrrrr!!!!!

yay I got my eyebrows threaded haha
Transition: Substitute for Love
Crease: Freshly Toasted
Lid: Infusion
Brow Bone: Bitter Start
Inner corner: Sidecar (from Naked 1 palette)

You get in total 10 very pigmented shadows
Suitable for Women of Colour (WOC)
1.5grams of product per shadow
Versatile - Day to Night palette
You can wear shadows either wet or dry

From Top Left: Bitter Start, Sweeter End, Warm Notes
From Bottom Left: Pure Ganache, Substitute for Love, Freshly Toasted
From Top Left: Warm Notes, Subtle Blend, Beans are White
From Bottom Left: Freshly Toasted, Infusion, Delicate Acidity


My Verdict:

Pro: Very Versatile Palette, suitable for darker skin tones, creamy pigmented colours that are easily blended.

Con: If I had to moan about something I would probably say the magnetic closure in the packaging doesn't feel as secure so for me it may not necessarily be suitable for travel if not packed correctly. Also doesn't come with a mirror - which is the least of my worries as the palette is so amazing I hardly noticed haha.

My Favourite Shades: 
Substitute for Love - PERFECT Transition colour for me!!
Freshly Toasted - Great crease colour to add a bit of warmth
Warm Notes - Amazing metallic berry/rose colour. 

My Least Favourite Shade: 

Keywords: Perfect - Great - Amazing LOL

The Cocoa Blend Palette by Zoeva is available from Beauty Bay and retails for £18

Have you tried the Cocoa Blend Palette by Zoeva?
What's your Verdict?

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