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Sunday, June 14, 2015

So Julie from FashionBeautyAcne decided to tag me - not a major fan of tags but THIS ONE I like as I am able to share some neat things I currently use in my beauty regime. I have chosen to share with you my top 3 'purse friendly' beauty tools which may or may not be familiar to you but which works wonders for me.

So the rules for this tag requires you to:

  • Tag up to 5 fellow beauties to share their Favourite Beauty Tools
  • List however many tools you wish (I'm keeping it at my top 3)
  • You must only list tools/gadgets (no actual makeup, skincare or haircare products should be included)

Lets Begin...

#1. Silicon Heat Resistant Pot Holder turned Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

Forget the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove, you can get this silicon pot holder at a FRACTION of the price to do exactly the same job. I have been eyeing up that glove for the longest while as I hate cleaning my brushes due to my hand becoming a soggy mess at the end of it. However, I have been majorly put off by the price - I just couldn't justify paying £30 for a darn glove. So when Queenii Rozenblad shared on her YouTube channel what she uses to clean her brushes I was immediately sold. This pot holder takes the effort out of cleaning your brushes and the silicone grooves assists you by getting in between the bristles to remove all that gunk. Cleaning my brushes has never been easier and quicker. I purchased mine from Ebay for £2.13 but you can get them from any home store in the kitchen department.

#2. Old Mascara Wand turned Eyebrow Brush

I found this trick back when I first started getting into makeup and although if you buy a Makeup Brush set you will inevitably get one - I hadn't splurged at the time and found it quite useful. So being beginner friendly an old mascara wand being used as an eyebrow brush is perfect. Now obviously you would have to wash the wand with a suitable brush cleaner to get rid of all the product, however once you have done this, you've got yourself a nifty eyebrow brush. I have brow brushes from my sets but I have always reached for this wand - probably due to the fact that the brush is round with a short handle that gets into my brow hairs and that it didn't immediately cost me anything haha. Where could you get one you ask? Check your makeup drawer, I'm sure you've got some mascara that is due to be thrown out soon.

#3. Wilko Premium Powder Brush

I accidentally found this synthetic brush by browsing the beauty aisle in Wilkinsons - as you do, and I was wowed immediately. It was the softest brush I had ever felt and oh my was it big and fluffy (my technical terminology game is strong) only problem is that it was forever sold out in stores and online. After stalking online for a few weeks I was alerted that it was back in stock and immediately purchased 2. I have not used another powder brush since. I have washed it multiple times and have been using it for almost a year now and it has remained soft throughout. It is a very dense brush but you get the right amount of powder applied to the face. When I feel like sprucing up my face a little to go to work (and trust me this is not often) I only use this brush and my Mac MSF Powder to get the perfect "Natural Makeup" application. The best thing about it is that it only costs £4 - BARGAIN!!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my top three "purse friendly" beauty tools...Now I'm only going to tag one gorgeous gal and it is the lovely:
Lea from Sincerely Shug xx 

Have you found my Beauty Tools list useful?
What are some of your favourite Beauty Tools?

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