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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Having taken part in the Blogger Hub Twitter Party last week Monday evening, I was lucky enough to receive a 14-Day teatox from *Slendertox. I have been meaning to try a teatox for a little while now and literally jumped at the opportunity to try this product.

*Slendertox is a herbal detox tea (teatox) designed to help in cleansing and detoxing your body. You have a choice of a 14-day or a 28-day detox. For the 14 day course, I received two packets of tea bags - Sleeptox: 7 teabags to be taken every other night; Daytox: 14 teabags to be taken daily first thing in the morning.


Sleeptox - Valerian root, Hawthorn grain, Red bean, Sterling bean, Radish leaf, Camellia seed, Camellia flower, Green tea and Fennel seeds.

Daytox - Hawthorn grain, Red bean, Sterling bean, Radish leaf, Camellia seed, Camellia flower, Green tea and Fennel seeds.

It promises to:

Cleanse your colon
Increase your energy
Promote a healthy change
Leave you feeling refreshed

Progress so far:

I received my package last week Thursday and began that very night with the Sleeptox. Now I love herbal tea as that's all I ever drink so the taste is one that I was very familiar with and loved - if you are a green tea drinker then this will be for you. You are advised to brew the tea for no longer than 2-3 minutes using warm water (not hot).

(I must warn if you continue to read, it may probably get a little TMI for some lol)

Thursday Day 1
This was the first night I started so nothing much happened.

Friday Day 2
I noticed the brew from the night before had already started to work as I had a little visit to the bathroom before work and thought ok not bad...BUT I spoke too soon because what transpired later that morning was nothing far from hilarious - well at least to my friend/work colleague. She almost wet her pants watching me pace around her classroom refusing to go to the ladies room. To make matters worse, it was whilst I waited for someone to vacate the vicinity, who probably may have been drinking the same very tea - well until my tummy gave me an ultimatum - ladies room or the floor. Luckily I was not teaching at the time but I do feel bad for the student who seemed to have needed a little assistance - for what I have no idea (hope they're not reading this lol) because that was the fastest I have ever run down a flight of stairs whilst in school. I literally had cramps for the rest of the day.

Saturday Day 3
It was a little better although I did experience a little light headedness which I needed to sit for a minute but I persevered and only managed to make 1 visit that day with no cramps.

Sunday Day 4
It was a little bit of a repeat of day 1 except luckily I was at home. Once at the crack of dawn, again around lunch time, and again early afternoon. It was that bad I had to ask my Mum who is a nurse if it in fact was normal. Lets just say she couldn't get over the events of Friday so was in hysterics, but once she settled she advised me to start it again on my half term holidays. As I currently juice and drink a lot of veggie/fruit smoothies, that fact coupled with little evidence of bowel movements slowing down, I may have a repeat of Friday which to be honest I couldn't face during the week at work. So I made the conscious decision to stop drinking it...for NOW!!

I very much plan on continuing with it, but when I am not at school. The reason for continuing is because when I started I was 11.1 stones and I'm now 10.8 stones so something seems to have made a difference. I will trial it using the remaining teabags and write another blog post adding before and after pictures for you to see. There's not much difference in my waistline at the moment so I think it would be a little pointless posting before and after pics at this point so - WATCH THIS SPACE...

Although it's still early days for me, if you are interested in trying out this teatox, I would recommend it as everybody's system is different and will react differently to the ingredients but also, if already I am having the above effects, after a 14-day course there is bound to be a noticeable difference.

Visit Slendertoxtea's website to purchase a 14-day or 28-day detox course.

Have you tried Slendertoxtea Teatox before?
What was your experience like?

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  1. These sound brilliant to make you feel better on the inside! xx

    Laura | lauraslittleloves

    1. I am starting my remaining teabags on Sunday Night as I am going to be on half term and if I have a repeat of symptoms which I'm sure to have, I want to be close to a bathroom lol - hopefully my insides will be smiling at the end of the detox haha.


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