Vintage Inspiration Glass Jars

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Happy Easter Guys!! Hope you have been enjoying the Easter so far and the Easter Bunny found you ok haha.

Just thought I would come to you quickly with a post about a little find of mine. Fancy a little home/beauty room revamp over the Easter period? Then I have the cutest little addition that is not only chic but inexpensive. I always manage to find unusual items for the house in a store called Home Bargains with prices
exactly as its name has described. Now I'm not sure if you may be familiar with this store but if not, get familiarised with it. 

I have always had a love affair with bonbon, mason and apothecary jars and have contemplated purchasing these exact jars when I first saw them in BHS for £10 (with a candle). Being unimpressed with that price (as you can imagine) I was over the moon when I found these at a fraction of the price AND in different sizes in my local Home Bargains store.

Vintage Inspiration Ridged Glass Jar (Large) - £2.99

Vintage Inspiration Ridged Glass Jar (Medium) - £1.99

Check Home Bargains' website to see if there is a local store near you and also to see if they stock them as it varies from store to store. 

I think these would make the perfect little addition to your Makeup Vanity Table or any beauty room.

Have you found any unusual items that could add a little oomph to your vanity?

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