Camera Shy Take 52 - Week 9 - Lush Mask of Magnaminty

Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Market" was the focus of Week 9's challenge and having been in the process of testing out a number of products in my new skincare regime I immediately knew I was going to be reviewing, what I proclaim to be, the "Best Natural Face Mask on the Market". The Mask of Magnaminty by Lush is amazeballs!!!!!!

I have always wanted a mask that didn't strip my face of all its oils - or at least didn't feel like that was what it was doing. In the past I have tried clay masks and I must say my face came out as cardboard - very stiff as if it could rip.

After seeing quite a bit of a rave about Lush
in the beauty world, I thought I needed to refamiliarise myself with them. Introduced to the brand about 11 years ago when I received a massive box of lush bath goodies for my birthday and Christmas pressies, I only thought they did bath related products. To my surprise it was only since I've been so into makeup and skincare that I realised they also did skincare products. Bonus - they are also an ethical company - against animal testing!!!

Having visited my local Lush store in Westfield Stratford, I was immediately greeted with an aroma of delightful smells but also the warmest smiles ever from their Sales Assistants. After expressing that I wanted to add a little oomph to my skincare routine they were very helpful in directing me to this tub of goodness. After a demo from the Sales Assistant, I opted for the large self-preserved tub.

In the large tub you get 315g for £9.75 and I must say it is worth every penny. Almost 3 months in and I am yet to put a dent into this product. I usually use my Sundays as my pamper days and usually apply this mask on that day every week.

I have combination/dry skin, however, I apply a generous amount over my dry face covering every part except the eyes and lips and leave on my face for 20 - 25 mins. I leave it on quite long in comparison to the suggested 10 mins. Once mask has dried to a dark green colour I rinse using lukewarm water. I have been adopting this whole regime of using paper towels to dry my face to limit the transfer of germs from towels or face cloths but once dried you notice the magic of this mask.

Infused with an array of all natural ingredients, your face gets the cooling sensation from the Peppermint oil, the protection it deserves from the African Marigold Oil, the ever so sweet hints of Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, and the retention of moisture from Evening Primrose Seeds.

My face has been left very soft and supple and it now feels like there is less grime and weight on it. The feeling of being reinvigorated is experienced every time I use this mask, giving that awake sensation but all whilst retaining enough moisture.

An amazing product for an amazing price - why wouldn't I have recommended it?! Best Face Mask for me - by a mile!

Have you tried Mask of Magnaminty by Lush? 
What's your verdict?

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