Blogging Newbie - 6 Things I've Learnt

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I have been blogging now almost a year and it has been a real struggle. I love it - no doubt, but over the last couple of months my motivation seems to come in waves. One moment I have so much energy to blog and the next I would prefer to curl under my duvet and stay there - blogging coupled with the daily stresses of my job sometimes takes a toll on me. Although not consistently publishing posts, there is one thing I am consistent with and it's catching up on my weekly read of my favourite and new found blogs - not only as a pass time but also for self development. I had this preconceived notion that my posts, in order to be considered "read-worthy" had to be lengthy but I am realising more and more (and as a teacher I should really know better) it's not about quantity it's the quality that matters. So what have I learnt thus far in my blogging journey...

1. Make your Blog Posts Meaningful

If you visited my blog last year when I first started, I pretty much blogged about anything - I had that bug to just write, but what I noticed was that my posts were not meaningful at all (in my opinion). I went on a mission and deleted ALL OF THEM, contacted Bloglovin' and instructed them to delete all of my posts and pretty much started over. I went ahead and bought a blogging diary and started planning post ideas - titles, content even photographs I would like to take. I found this to be more manageable and also something I could use to reflect and develop post ideas over time. I soon realised that blogging was not so much about pushing out content every day or so, but rather more about publishing a post I was really proud of.

2. Bigger is Better

...when it comes to Photographs that is haha. There is no rule that says to be successful you NEED to buy yourself the most expensive camera kit however I wanted to at least have some really decent looking, quality photographs. I wanted my images to be aesthetically pleasing when scrolling down my page. I previously had small images in my posts where it was a struggle to see what on earth it was I was trying to show. Having done a little "blog improvement" research, I realised I connected more with blog posts that had bigger images and immediately I decided I needed to increase the size of my images. Now I would not look back - If I could get them filling up the width of my screen I would haha.

3. Quality not Quantity

As I sometimes do product reviews I struggle at times with how to give readers a thorough review without being too novel like. I have come to realise that it doesn't have to be the Genesis through to Revelations in my posts, I have seen some very informative posts that pretty much were 30-40% writing with the rest being images to show off the product. I have tried to copy that as much and realised that I just need to plan what I want to communicate to my readers in as few words as possible.

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4. Find a Niche....Errrr What Niche?!

I have read this time and time again, where in order to have a unique and successful blog you need to find a niche. But what do you do if you just can't seem to find that niche?! Like ME!? For a while I tried to explore different avenues in order to find that niche I heard so much about...then I gave up. I just thought sod that I'm doing me - even if I am writing to myself, I'm going to write. My posts have ranged from makeup product reviews to cooking recipes to diy. I try to write about what inspires me at that precise moment in time. For example this post - this by no means was planned but I certainly do hope it proves meaningful to whomever reads it. The most important thing I think is to do you, be you, write about what you are genuinely interested in or love, not what whoever says you must write to fit in or get ahead. Maybe your niche will not be unique and out of the box but as long as it is you.

5. Have a Blogging routine

I struggled with this, I still struggle with this! I wanted to blog everyday and soon realised that it just wasn't at all possible - not with my schedule. I was not prepared to have this end up into something I would look at as tedious or a chore. I try my best to blog once a week at least - some weeks when I am either stressed or demotivated I do not blog. However, I do know that to improve this blog I will need to be a little more consistent with how often I post and stick to it.

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6. Network Network Network

After being to my very first blogging event last year, I've met some really lovely ladies Lea from Sincerely Shug, Zeynab from The Beauty Load, Sarah from SRFTaylor, Kal from Cluttered Closet including others I have chatted with over Twitter and IG. I didn't know how important it was to network with fellow bloggers, but I soon realised there is a lot of self promotion that goes into the world of blogging. Not only to obviously get your blog out there but to really connect with people, learn from them and even possibly form new friendships. Luckily I haven't experienced the harshness and bitchiness I have read about from other bloggers' experiences. The fellow bloggers I have interacted with have been nothing less than supportive and great to chat with.

To be honest I have only literally just gone beneath the surface of the world of blogging but so far as hard as it is to balance blogging with my daily stresses and woes, I love it and I am yet to give up on Jaeydarobin.

Are you new to Blogging? 
What have you learnt in your journey so far?

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