Camera Shy Take 52 - Week 7 - Model's Own Colour Chrome Round-up

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Week 7's focus was "Round." That week didn't take me very long to come up with a concept as I had just purchased the new Colour Chrome nail polishes from Model's Own and immediately I knew I was going to be doing a review on them. The only thing that was left to do was to figure out the composition of the photograph. So here is the "Model's Own Colour Chrome Round-up."

Week 7 - Round - "Model's Own Colour Chrome Round-up"

I first saw these polishes from a review posted by London Beauty Queen and immediately decided I was going to buy a few out of the range. Standard delivery I must say was a pain and a half due to one of my deliveries being stolen (fault of courier company), but Model's Own customer service was second to none and a week later I received all my polishes.


I purchased 8 colours from the range as I'm not much of a fan of the blue hues. I purchased (image below L-R) Cerise, Mauve, Pink, Green, Olive, Gold, Rose, and Silver. The colour payoff of these polishes does exactly as it says on the tin, gives a liquid metallic effect on your nails. They are very opaque colours requiring just one coat, however, I add 2-3 coats for more "oomph" and "durability" (I will speak on this later). Its big brush is a plus which allows good coverage on your nails. I was particularly impressed with how quickly they dry. The quick-drying aspect of this polish allowed me to go about my business minutes later.


As great as these polishes are, there are some cons to them. You have to file and buff your nails before using as if you have ridges and brittle nails this polish will highlight everything. Also, durability is a problem. The first time I tested it I had chips on my tips a few hours later, however I persevered as I was hoping that this was due to me not using a base or top coat. I tested it again for a night out using Model's own base coat and a random top coat, however, this time it lasted 1 day before I noticed chips and stripping on a few of my nails. I was not impressed with that at all. Saying that - a week and a half later they have lasted being painted on my toes, the colour is still in tact with no fading on the tips.
They tend to be streaky on application however the streaks were only visible when wet. Once dried the streaks were not as visible giving the polish a more evened out finish.
I also found that some of the colours stained my nails a little - Cerise and Pink but this was minimised considerably when I used a base coat.


L-R: Pink, Mauve, Cerise

L-R: Rose, Gold, Olive

L-R: Silver, Green


All cons aside, I love these polishes - more specifically my favourites are Cerise and Mauve, I think they are very fun and are a good way off adding a little punch to your nails. I would say wear a base coat to minimise any staining and as they chip really easily and are not very hardwearing, I will only be wearing them for special events. I have tried a combo of Pink and Mauve to create a gradient nail look but will now be experimenting with these polishes for stenciling. Would I repurchase them if still available on the market? Only the Cerise, Mauve and potentially Olive.

Have you tried Model's Own Colour Chrome collection?
What are your thoughts on them?

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