Camera Shy Take 52 - Week 6 - Maybelline "Baby Lips" Lip Balm

Friday, February 20, 2015

I am playing catch up with the blogposts but goodness me it's half-term here in the UK and I can't seem to get enough rest. Week 6's challenge was to capture "Kiss" in my image so immediately I thought of my Maybelline Baby Lips and coined this photograph "The culprit behind KISSable Lips?". But do they really work? Here's my take on it...

Week 6 - Kiss - "The Culprit behind KISSable Lips?"
When I first got into makeup and watching YouTube videos, there were a lot of youtubers that had collections of these lip balms - like every last one (lipbalm) in the entire Maybelline range - and this, in my opinion at the time, was a MUST HAVE for my new makeup collection. So when I went to Superdrug one day and noticed that they were on sale for £1 I bought the only 2 variations (out of the 6) available in the store at the time - "Pink Shock" and "Strike a Pose" from the Electro range.

Maybelline has coined the Electro lip balms to not only hydrate but add a bit of "Electro" colour to your lips.

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm in "Strike a Pose" 
They have quite a fruity smell which I love - Strike a Pose leans a little towards a peachy smell while Pink Shock was more reminiscent of a berry smell. On my lips, which are not the "pinkest" you will find, the colour which both lip balms give is subtle and enough to add just the right amount of tint to my lips. When tried on a friend, with lighter lips than mine, I saw more of a pop of colour suiting her more than it did me. In terms of their hydration and in comparison to cheaper lip balms on the market, I wasn't blown away. It definitely gives your lips that moisturised feel and appearance without being sticky, however, I found that this didn't last for very long and dried out fairly quickly causing me to continuously re-apply every so often to keep that moisture locked in.

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm in "Pink Shock" 

Maybelline Baby Lips "Hydrate" Lip Balm
As seen in my Post Christmas Pressies blog post, I received "Hydrate" as a gift. Not a part of the Electro range but from the main range, this surprisingly since I received it, I've been using the most. Mainly after I cleanse my face (morning and night) I will apply this lip balm - it gives the right amount of moisture to my lips but again, nothing that I could not have gotten from my good ole tin of vaseline.

While I think they are a fun alternative to keeping your lips chapped free (for a period of time) I think there are cheaper and better alternatives on the market. I quickly got over that urge to own every lip balm in this collection/range and in reflection, buying these showed me how much influence Beauty Bloggers/Vloggers have on us viewers or readers. If I could rewind time, I would have saved my £2 and probably purchased a new miniature tin of vaseline (which tbh I actually need as my last tin is tatty).

What's your opinion on the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip balms? Do you Love em or Loath em?

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