Camera Shy Take 52 - Week 4 - Kiwi & Lemon Detox Water

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Last week's photography focus was "Glass". I'm finding that I am enjoying it more and more playing "Photographer" with the whole setting up and lighting thing. I especially enjoyed it on my quest to achieve this image. Equally it was the perfect opportunity to kick start my detox for the upcoming week as once I got my shot I was able to just sit and enjoy this yummy "Glass of Goodness".

Week 4 - "Glass of Goodness"

Whether you want to lose weight or you are just trying to be a little bit more healthy, the best friend you could ever have is water. Now I do not have a great relationship with water as I find it very BLAH to drink - yes yes I know the importance it plays in my diet. So with my journey to being more healthy this year I thought why not rid my body of some toxins and make detox water a more permanent fixture in my diet.

Below is a quick recipe for a glass of Kiwi and Lemon Detox Water.

Kiwi is filled with alot of  Vitamin A and E and also flushes the colon.
Lemons are good as they not only fight radicals that cause aging but they also clean the bowels
Drinking Water
1 Kiwi
1 Lemon
1 Straw (optional)
Ice cubes 

1. Slice lemon with skin into rings
2. Peel kiwi and slice into rings then halves
3. Place kiwi in the bottom of the glass, add water, then stack ice and lemon slices.
4. To finish you could place an additional ring on the rim of the glass (or not haha)
5. Allow time for fruits to infuse the water (either overnight or at least an hour)
6. Add a straw and you are all ready to go.

This recipe is uber simple and literally took me nor more than 5 minutes to make.

Keep an eye out for more detox water recipes and as I'm now waiting on my lovely Breville Blend Active to kick start my clean eating journey I will be sharing some of those recipes too.

Have you tried any fruity detox water recipe's lately?

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  1. I seriously want to get into these detox waters, with the optional straw because im fancy haha hope your good hun. xxx

    1. Haha go on with your fancy self...I'm good hon - you should defo try them out, uber simple to make and tasty xx

    2. Lol i really should. Will defo shout you out when i do honey. Nominated you for the Liebster Award over on the blog xxx


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