Camera Shy Take 52 - Week 3 - Beauty Room

Sunday, February 01, 2015

So this post is well overdue as I am now 2 weeks behind in posting updates on my photography challenge. This week has been a hectic one - from marking and planning to parents' evening - I'm knackered!!! Moan over...week 3's challenge was "Entrance". I, after another weekend of being in school, was too tired to actually do the concept I had been planning all week. So me being lazy used the concept of Entrance as an excuse to focus on my Beauty/"Pamper" Room...
Week 3 - Entrance - "Entrance to my Pamper Room"
I have always wanted to have a "walk in" closet from as far back as I could remember so the day I got
my flat, I knew this was going to be the sole purpose of the second bedroom. It had taken me around a year to actually get it to where it is now and although I still have some additions (and subtractions) that I wish to make, I am quite comfortable with where it is at now. Here are some of the focal areas of my beauty room.

After looking at numerous walk-in closets on Pinterest, I wanted something very functional but pleasing to the eye to store my shoes. I purchased 3 Maine Tall Wide Bookcases in white from Argos at £29 a pop. Additionally, I bought the Billy Bookcase in white from Ikea on sale (at time of purchase) for £20 which I use to store my sandals, plimsoles, and espadrilles - currently behind my full length mirror. Customised to the sizes I needed for each type of shoe, I have found these bookcases to be the perfect solution to shoe storage.

I also purchased the infamous Malm Dressing table which I have used to store all my makeup. However, since I have a steady growing overspill of makeup, and I am not sure how much more I can stuff in the drawer of my vanity, I will potentially have to get the Malm chest of 6 drawers to store palettes, hair products, skin products etc. This will potentially be one of those purchases that will be an addition due to a subtraction (as mentioned above). I currently have a little and not so ideal stool, purchased from Homebase for £3 but I have been eyeing for some time now, the transparent Tobias Chair from Ikea which hopefully will be mine someday soon.

On the top of my vanity you will find a bevelled mirror (which I plan to put up on the wall) I purchased from a home store in my village for £19.99. This purchase I thought was a bargain as they normally retail from around £39 upwards. I have a little acrylic storage box I got from Amazon which I use to store random lip products and eye pencils, also from Amazon an acrylic letter holder which currently stores my favourite palettes, a bonbon jar from Marks and Spencer for my face brushes, and a Blomster bowl from Ikea used to store my eye brushes. I also have my perfumes out on display, however, once I have purchased further storage I plan to take them off the top as I find my vanity is getting a little overcrowded.

No beauty room would be complete without a full body mirror. This was a DIY job for me. Purchased from the same store I bought the bevelled mirror, I only payed £4 for it. However, it was a horrible brown colour which did not go with the decor so I bought a can of gloss paint spray in white and a few coats later I had my perfect beauty room mirror.

What are some of your beauty room inspirations? 
What are some of your storage solutions?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you hon - we all need a little "womancave" to play in haha xx

  2. Which bookcase did you find better and recommend, Tesco or IKEA?

    1. Hiya, one bookcase is from Argos and the other Ikea but I actually prefer the Ikea Billy bookcase. The Argos Maine bookcase, although at that size is cheaper than Ikea's equivalent, is much more shallow and shorter than the Billy, which has proven to be much more sturdy, taller and deeper. So if I had a do-over I would spend the extra dosh and get the Billy bookcases from Ikea. Hope that helped :-)

      Jo xx


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