Camera Shy Take 52 Photo Challenge

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Hey Guys - if anyone is out there - Happy New Year, hope you ended 2014 with a bang!!!!

I have been MIA for a while - I'm sorry! However during this time I have been backing and forthing with deciding what content to include on the blog. The number of draft posts I have just waiting to be published is unbelievable but I decided I need to get right for 2015 or be left behind. 

Now I'm not one to make New Year Resolutions, BUT
I did make a pact with the bestie Julie from Fashionbeautyacne that WE (yes I emphasise WE) need to blog more for the new year. So in between that pact and this post I acquired a new DSLR (Yay Me!) and with that joined a Photography Challenge called "Camera Shy Take 52 Photo Challenge". 

This photography challenge aims to have you improve your photography skills over 52 weeks (a 1 year period) through producing different photographs directly related to a weekly topic/challenge that is emailed to you by the challenge's creator. The challenge is curated via a group over on Facebook (link to group is above) where you publish your photographs and provide relevant details about what you have captured - such as information about ISO, Lens, f-stop etc (new terms I'm still getting the hang of). However, what you photograph is down to your interpretation of that specific topic - already I'm psyched!!

To keep you guys in the loop with my progress, each week I will create a blog post about the theme, what my interpretation was and what I have produced. As said above, although anything can be the subject being photographed, I will try my utmost best to keep it relevant to the content of my blog (fashion, beauty, lifestyle - my life!). Each challenge/topic is released via email every Monday and I will try to get my posts up by either the Saturday/Sunday of that week.

Here's to my journey...developing my inner Photographer :-)

Are you a Novice using DSLR's like me or a Pro? 

Images used are Royalty Free images from Image Source 

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