Egg "Muffin" Bake - Wholesome Breakfast (or dinner)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's a new year and as much as it is currently a struggle for me I am trying to eat a lot healthier. All my friends know me as a major foodie, and not someone known for diets, so you could imagine how much I was uber happy when I saw a random post on my Facebook timeline about a simple Egg recipe that could be done for a wholesome hearty breakfast doubling up also as a mid morning snack.

6 eggs
2 tbsp milk
Salt and Pepper
Fillings of your choice for your egg muffins (ranging from onions, sweet peppers, cod, cheese, spring onion etc).

What you'll need:

A cupcake baking tray (non-stick or greased)
OR any suitable (oven friendly) dish that you wish to use


1. Add the 6 eggs, milk, salt and pepper (or any seasonings) in one container.
2. Beat together until ingredients are completely mixed.
3. All fillings being used should be diced in small cubes or to your preference.
4. Place fillings in the cupcake baking tray.
5. If using cheese, you may use it as a topping in addition to (or instead of) a filling.

6. Pour egg mixture in cup cake baking tray (or dish) until fillings are covered. I used a small casserole dish as for some reason I believe I gave my cupcake tray away!!

7. Pre-heat oven for 5-10 mins at 200 degrees celsius then pop dish or tray in for at least 30 mins (or until eggs are completely cooked).

Note: Please allow additional time if needed as we wouldn't want anyone eating raw eggs now would we?!

You can eat this dish alone or coupled with meat or fish etc. I chose to have mine with a bit of salmon and a side of salad as I had it for dinner...Who said you can't have eggs for dinner ay?!

If you have tried this recipe or added some variation be sure to let me know....would love to see your creations!!

Have you got any other quick and easy "healthy" recipes that I could try?

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