Camera Shy Take 52 - Week 1 - Lorac Skinny Palette in Nude Review

Sunday, January 11, 2015

This was the first week of my Photography Challenge and the theme for Week 1 was "Beginning". Inspired by my growing Neutral Palette collection - more specifically the Lorac Skinny Palette in Nude I dubbed the image below - "The Beginning of a Neutral Obsession."

Week 1 - Beginning - "The Beginning of a Neutral Obsession"

It was the year 2014 that I developed a love for makeup, and so far, realising that I have a weakness for eyeshadow palettes, I have collected a nice little stash of neutral palettes. With the obsession to gravitate to anything in the neutral family, it was a no brainer that I went for this palette in Nude.

The Product
The Lorac Skinny Palette, a limited edition, was released in the Autumn of 2014 in 3 colours, Plum, Navy and Nude. Retailing at US$15 I thought it was very reasonable. Now obviously us Brits have been deprived from all things Lorac so by an off chance I learnt they had an Amazon page and went ahead with my purchase. I paid £9 including delivery and luckily did not get any customs charges. It contains 7 shades (3 Matte and 4 Shimmer) in glorious warm tones.

The Swatches

The Lorac name comes with a reputation of highly pigmented, creamy shades that have a blendability that is next to none. As a beginner, I had always heard all the Beauty Bloggers rave on and on about Lorac but now I TOTALLY understand why!! 

I can't go on anymore about the pigmentation and they are very easy to blend. Shadows stay put and when worn have remained vibrant even after a long night. There is little to no fall out and obviously the price - with each being less than US$2 per shadow which is less than a £1.50 - it is a bargain.

Shade 1 for me was not as pigmented as the rest, although creamy, I found it quite opaque. However, I only use that shade as a brow highlight so it works well for me. Additionally, the shades do not have names as with the Pro palettes so was a little frustrating at first to easily identify which shades were used.

Below are some swatches of each shade from the palette.

Shade 1 - Matte
Shade 2 - Shimmer
Shade 3 - Shimmer

Shade 4 - Matte
Shade 5 - Shimmer
Shade 6 - Shimmer
Shade 4 above is what I'd use primarily as my transition colour

Shade 7 - Shimmer

Comparison to Lorac Pro Palette
Shade 1 is the only shade that is potentially the same as "Cream" from the Pro 1 Palette as seen in the comparison below.

The Look

I have created a daytime look (as seen below) using only the shades from the palette. 

Transition:           Shade 4
Crease:                Shade 7
Lid:                      Shade 2
Inner Corner:      Shade 5
Brow Highlight: Shade 1
The Verdict 

This palette is perfect in creating a subtle natural look that could be worn to work, out shopping, school etc. Whilst it can create a sultry night time look with a subtle smoke, if you are after a more vampy eye you will need to add a black base/shadow for optimum effect as shade 7, no matter how much you pack it on, for some reason still appears subtle (to me that is).

Overall, I think this palette is worth the money and as the verdict was still out for me on the Naked Basics 1 & 2, I think this skinny palette is a really good alternative. the quality is great, it is very affordable and although I may be late on the band wagon for this Palette, if you are a neutral fiend like me, I think it's a no brainer - GET IT!!!!

Have You Tried Lorac's Skinny Palette in Nude, Navy, or Plum?

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