Using Images in Blogs?! What I found out!

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Here I was, updating a post about Ciate's nail polish, and whilst adding a photo for visual reference I just had a random thought - maybe you should Google search using copyrighted photos on blogs. Now I am a newbie to blogging so being extra vigilant I stumbled upon a blogpost from Roni Loren, an accomplished author, who had a not so good experience.

She learnt the hard way when she was contacted by a photographer regarding an image she had used and (que suspense music) was subsequently sued. You can imagine the panic that immediately set in!

So having just been fed that food for thought I was immediately inspired to write a blog post for my fellow blog newbies who may be in a similar position to me...What did I come up with?

My Top 3 Tips

1. Use your own images
Get friendly with your SLR camera - I already use my own images on this blog and had done this unwittingly but now I have learnt it's good practice. As suggested by Roni Loren - if you haven't got access to an SLR or equivalent take pics on the go using a smartphone if you have seen something that could be used on your blog in a future post. Based on inspiration you may have for a post you may be able to get some pretty good shots.

2. Contact owner to request permission
If you really need that image then contact the owner to request permission before using. Remember linking to the owner is simply not enough. My Mum always said prevention is better than cure and whilst it may be a slim chance you get sued for using an image without permission, it is still a possibility. If you don't "need" to use that image revert to tip number 1.

3. Use copyright free images.
There are a lot of websites that promote using copyright free images and with that have made available databases of tonnes of images for your use both free and chargeable. Some I have come across include Photo Pin, Pixabay, Shutter Stock, Image Source and Getty Images. Some images may require a link to the original owner or some additional action so please check carefully before posting on your blog.

These are just a few of my personal tips that I thought to share and some may find this common sense but I thought they were some very quick and easy ways of avoiding paying out a shed load of money you hadn't planned to for something that was ultimately with harmless intention.

Are you a Newbie? Or maybe a Pro Blogger? What's been your experiences? Am I just overly paranoid?

Inspired by: Roni Loren's Original Blog Post - Bloggers Beware: You can get Sued for using pics on your blog - My Story.

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  1. I love using my own images - gives me more control over content and it's part of the hobby. As a librarian this is great information to share though as many people do not realize that images on the internet still fall under copyright law unless they are in creative commons or are copyright free.

    1. So true Becky, I wasn't even aware myself and thought let me share this as I'm sure there are others that are unaware....I mean granted I know if you use material give credit where credit is due but I guess as it's on the internet there is a major sense of complacency and forgetfulness that it's infact people's material - nothing beats taking your own pics though does it!! xx


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