Makeup Revolution Redemption 12 Shade Palette - Iconic 1, 2, and 3 Review

Thursday, June 12, 2014

So my very lovely friend Julie from FashionBeautyAcne suggested that I get to know Makeup Revolution (MR) when they launched earlier this year.

As all my friends know I am always looking for a bargain so when I visited MR's website I was seriously surprised
at their prices. Dubious about whether or not the quality was great I held off purchasing some items for a while BUT the angels of Superdrug and their 3 for 2 offer changed all that last week and led to a haul of Makeup Revolution goodies.

Having heard about these palettes (the reason why I logged on in the first place) I couldn't decide which to try, so I did what I guess any girl would do - I bought the complete Iconic eyeshadow palette range *hides face*.

The Redemption 12 Shade Palettes


The shadow palettes come in a decent packaging with a double ended sponge applicator. Some colours remind me of Sleek's eye shadow palettes in terms of pigmentation but I particularly like the long slender slots they have for each colour palette. There is a little bit of fall out but nothing to majorly complain about and they are not as chalky as I expected - surprisingly creamy. Obviously not as creamy as the Naked Palettes, however, I think for the price they've found a pretty good balance (for quality vs price).

They blend relatively well and you get a mix of 12 shimmery, metallic, matte and pearlescent colours in the nude/brown/gold/bronze family. I'm obsessed with earthy tones so no complaints here. The shimmers are very finely milled which I love as it gives an understated finish without making me appear as a disco ball (I like simple looks).


The only downer I have is that some matte colours (for eg the matte black in the Iconic 2 palette) are not as pigmented as I would have hoped for. Having done 2 coating for each swatch below some still looked washed out. Additionally, I haven't quite figured out what to do with the really pale matte finishes, as for my skintone I wouldn't use as a highlight because I prefer more of a gold finish for my brow bone and inner tear ducts - obviously this is just a personal thing.  Aside from those minor winges (I'm sure I'll find a use for them) I didn't find anything much to complain about.

In summary, you will find there are some colours that are more pigmented than others which may take a little more product to get your desired look, however, based on the fact they cost £4 I think they are a good buy for the price, especially if you are on a budget or if you are a beginner like myself.

If I had to choose a favourite palette - although stuck between the Iconic 1 and 2 - I would have to choose Iconic 1 as it has a lot of colours that are complimentary to my skin tone.

Definitely a recommendation and a good dupe for the infamous Naked Palettes!

Below are some swatches I did based on applying each colour test twice.

Iconic 1

Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 1 Swatches

Iconic 2 

Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 2 Swatches

Iconic 3 

Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 3 Swatches

What are your thoughts on the Iconic Range?

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